What is integrative dental medicine?

It blends the traditions of Traditional dentistry with Biologic Dentistry approach to dental health and healing.

Traditional Dental Services:

    1. Family care: cavity check, soft tissue exam, oral cancer screening, review appropriate xrays, TMJ evaluation
    2. Technology: digital radiography, laser gum treatment, crowns in 1 hour (Cerec crowns impressed and milled on site).
    3. Anxiety and pain control: painless injection techniques, conscious sedation , holistic strategies. Holistic anxiety control: herbal and homeopathic remedies, EFT-is very effective in reducing /eliminating phobias, anxiety, pain. The use of Alphastim device for anxiety prior to dental treatment
    4. Comprehensive dental services: crowns, bridges, fillings, gum/periodontal services

Biologic Dental Services

1. Safe removal of mercury fillings

Our mercury free dental practice uses mercury-free dental materials that are compatible to your body. If your physician recommends removal, or you have decided that your amalgams should be removed, we use state-of-the-art equipment and the safest protocol to protect you, the dentist, and the environment.

SAFE replacement of mercury amalgams, or fillings, and other toxic metals from your mouth can reduce both the chronic exposure to mercury vapor, as well as the electrical currents that are created by the contact of different metals in fillings and crowns.

Although controversial, these currents are potentially harmful because they block the meridians and bio-energetic fields of your body. In order to ensure that your health is not compromised, an integrated approach which includes nutritional counseling, special air filters, a special oxygenated water system, negative ion generators, oxygen masks and rubber dams is used for mercury removal and other toxic metals.

You Are Well Protected.

A complete protection protocol is utilized to prevent you from ingesting or inhaling any of the mercury or mercury vapors while it is being removed. Our dentist and dental assistants will perform the following steps:

  • Placement of a vinyl (rubber) dam over the teeth to be treated.
  • Placement of a napkin under the vinyl dam to prevent saliva leakage onto the patient’s face and to increase patient comfort.
  • Placement of a small amount of charcoal powder under the patient’s tongue to absorb mercury vapor.
  • Administration of oxygen into the nose via a nasal canula.
  • Activation of an external “Negative Ion Generator” and collection plate to safely trap any mercury particulate in the air.
  • Activation of high volume external air suction, the “Elephant Suction,” to further insure removal of any mercury particulate or odorous vapors from the building
  • Placement and activation of low volume suction tip under the vinyl dam to collect saliva.
  • Activation of high volume suction “clean-up tip” to surround the tooth during the mercury amalgam removal process.
  • Constant external water spray by doctor’s high-speed handpiece, and assistant’s air-water syringe, to flush mercury particulate into the suction line.
  • Removal of the amalgam fillings and/or other fillings, crowns, or bridges that appear to be biologically incompatible with the patient. All restorations will be replaced with the most biocompatible materials available.

2. Biocompatibility Testing: COMPATIBILITY IS A VERY INDIVIDUAL THING-it’s all in the chemistry

Your beautiful health isn’t only skin deep. And what makes it vital and strong isn’t necessarily what will make the next person’s. What goes in or around you can have a major impact/effect on you.

We recommend material compatibility testing for patients prior to dental treatment, particularly patients with multiple allergies, chemical sensitivities, or for patients who seek to replace restorations and/or undergo dental revision. Material Compatibility testing is also recommended for anyone considering a future implant. There are several chemicals that are used in modern dentistry that we feel are potentially hazardous and will not use. Other materials may be compatible for most patients, but not for a few that are sensitive. Because we can never know for sure who the sensitive individuals are, we offer material comparability testing.

We have a variety of testing techniques to determine what materials are compatible, or not, with your body. All materials that will be used during a patient’s treatment, including anesthetics, can be tested, including materials used for fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, implants and anything that will occupy time and space in the mouth.


Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) helps individually identify chemical groups and families of compounds that may pose a threat to the patient. Analyzing immune record of antibodies, systemic sensitivities are identified and cross-referenced with a database of dental materials. For more information on the Clifford test please visit the lab’s website at www.ccrlab.com


EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll) is a quick, non-invasive method of screening for bio-compatibility. It is an energetic test that involves the patient holding a brass rod with one hand while meridian points are located on the other hand with a stylus. A computer is used along with an EAV machine to process the information gathered. The procedure is painless and results immediate.

EAV (Electro Acupuncture According to Voll)

An EKG measures electrical flow through the heart. Expressed as a graph, it pinpoints heart damage, since current does not flow through dead tissues. EAV works the same way. The EAV test uses an ohm meter to measure energy flow along meridians at acupuncture points.

If you understand meridians and you’ve signed on to “Healing is Voltage,” “The Body Electric” and understand the science behind “earthing”, you know low-functioning organs are low in negative ions. This state hinders electron flow along the body’s energy meridians. Dr. WA Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science at Stanford University, set out to discredit the EAV, but became an advocate as his research verified organ degeneration correlated with low conductance. In fact, it was he who mapped Meridian Tooth Charts. These help you correlate each tooth with its associated organs, glands, and anatomical structures on the same meridian. Infected or diseased teeth as well as dental implants block electrical conductivity on meridians and so can alter the health of other organs located on the same meridian and vice versa.

3. Integrative Periodontal Therapy(IPT)

Integrative Periodontal Therapy(IPT) /gum treatment includes, diagnosis with a microscope ( microscopic plaque analysis) and with emphasis on nutrition and other nonsurgical period treatments.

The plaque analysis entails taking several samples of plaque from your mouth and looking at them under a microscope to pre-screen for periodontal disease. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease is also associated with other systemic problems such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes . Pregnant women with periodontal disease tend to have earlier term babies and babies of lower birth weight. Overwhelming amounts of research has shown that periodontal disease is a major cause and contributing factor in heart disease. Some research has even shown periodontal disease to be a more important factor in heart disease than smoking.

IPT works because it addresses the causes of the problem–the infectious organisms and the overall health of the patient’s immune system. IPT is not only more effective than surgery, it is less painful and less disfiguring and in general it is less expensive. It is supported by volumes of research from all around the world. We follow the Protocols for IPT from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

To complement your examination we use only the latest technology in instrumentation. Ultrasonic therapy with ozone water irrigation to kill bacteria as well as hand scaling and polishing to remove stains. Your oral health at the time of your initial visit determines if you will need more than one appointment. If disease is present we will review your recommended treatment with you and provide you with a written treatment plan as well as any necessary materials to help you better understand your oral health. We also review oral home care techniques and help you make adjustments as needed. We recommend mostly natural products as we are aware of our patients with chemical sensitivities.