Mercury Filling Removal

Our office does not place amalgam mercury fillings. We do safely remove mercury fillings when they fail or when patients with concerns about these materials in their mouths request we do so.

Dr Petre has earned accreditation from IAOMT for safe amalgam (mercury) fillings removal. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) was founded in 1984 with the purpose of scientifically evaluating the safety of mercury fillings. This organization is composed of dentists, physicians, and research scientists. Their research shows that mercury fillings are not safe materials and should not be placed in anyone’s mouth. You can find more information at

We believe that other filling materials are less toxic, and we can find out which materials are best suited for each person after biocompatibility testing. This will provide a basis for whole-body health because the materials used in dentistry should not adversely affect the rest of the body.

Our office is concerned with the safety of dental amalgam; therefore we take special measures to minimize mercury exposure from the dental fillings we remove by:

    • Reviewing the patient’s medical and dental health prior to amalgam removal
    • Using a rubber dam for all amalgam removal to minimize mercury ingestion
    • Providing an alternative air source for the patient to avoid accidental inhalation of mercury aerosols
    • Employing a special technique of cutting the mercury amalgam to reduce the mercury in the aerosol
    • Applying high volume suction coupled with extra-oral vacuum to capture the aerosols
    • Using copious amounts of water to minimize the mercury in the created aerosols
    • Engaging special air purifying methods throughout the office to more quickly rid the aerosols from the air
    • Utilizing a centralized amalgam separator which collects 99% of mercury, before it goes into waste water
    • Choosing biocompatible materials for the replacement restorations
    • Recommending referrals to outside detoxifying and nutritional sources