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Professional teeth whitening has long been associated with being costly, cumbersome, and a painful process that takes too long, often providing less than satisfactory results. Luckily, there is a brand that addresses all of those issues. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Start Pure Pro, a very effective, quick and pain-free teeth whitening solution available.

  • Hydrogen peroxide continues to be the best choice for chairside whitening because of its power and speed. Carbamide peroxide offers additional comfort when paired with hydrogen peroxide for select patients with deeper stains. All whitening gels contain potassium nitrate for pain control and come in soft, comfortable, pre-filled trays.
  • The whitening booster gel hydrates the enamel and desensitized the teeth during the procedure , this results in minimal reversion plus almost no sensitivity, during or after the procedure. It also removes organic, extrinsic stains from crowns, veneers, and composites.
  • The whitening gel is light activated with the Violet Technology accelerator light
  • The whitening gels are sourced and mixed in the USA. There are no foreign components, only natural and organic ingredients in place of harsh or harmful chemicals.
  • chair time is around 1.5 hours.